130 The Strange Painting

Look at the top left segment inside the large wheel,
the top of the chimney to the left of the large wheel and
the second from right light for hint coins

Walk up across the bridge

Chapter 7
An Encounter at the End of the Line

Look at the right light above the entrance,
the top right corner of the bottom plank in the bridge and
the light to the left of the door for hint coins

Knock on the door
(must have solved at least 80 puzzles)

Watch the scene

Journal Entry
A Night at Herzen Castle

Examine the seat of the chair on the left,
the lamp standing at the end of the bed,
the top left of the railing and
the flowers on the right for hint coins

Look at the painting on the back wall

Hint Coin Warning
Any hint coins in this room not yet found will be permanently lost
after looking at both paintings and solving Puzzle 130

As you can't quit Puzzle 131, this is a good place to Save

Look at the painting hanging on the right wall

130 The Strange Painting

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3


Circle the couple's reflection on the floor at their feet


3895 Picarats and 209 Hint Coins

100 A Rickety Bridge

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS
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