119 The Fake Coins

Walk up into the blue building on the left

Examine the bottom half of the large red oval mirror in the middle,
the tipped over green bottle with the red wine spilling out and
the circular mirror on the left side of the arch for hint coins

Take a photograph
(must have repaired the camera)

Photograph 005
Watchtower 1st Floor

Select the crack in the large oval mirror

Select the missing spilt wine on the floor

Select the string of garlic to the right of the doorway

Look at Photograph 005 again

Look at the string of garlic to the right of the door
(must have found all the differences in Photograph 005)

119 The Fake Coins

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3


You only need to use the scale 1 time


1890 Picarats and 124 Hint Coins

085 The Missing Shape

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS
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