089 Flower Bed Fun

Walk down the stairs

Walk down to leave the hotel

Continue down

Talk to Rory
(must have solved Puzzle 061)

Walk up

Continue up
(must have solved Puzzle 061)

Unsolved Mystery
Beluga's Search

Journal Entry
What a Millionaire Seeks

Journal Entry
The Locked Book

Open the Trunk

Open the Old Diary

Diary Entry 01

Look at the bottom of the street light to the left all the stall.
the left of the pole supporting the leftmost street light and
the top of the right bin in front of the stall for hint coins

Enter the door on the left

Check out under the folding table on the right,
the umbrellas in the stand on the right and
under the chair on the left for hint coins

Talk to Inspector Chelmey

Journal Entry
The Inspector Resurfaces

Talk to Dawson
(must have talked to Inspector Chelmey)

Journal Entry
Visiting the Herzen Museum

Diary Key

Diary Entry 02

Leave the shop through the door on the right

Walk up
(must have talked to Dawson)

Look at the top window of the red building with the three arches,
above the top window in the blue building in the middle and
the chimney on the blue roof on the left for hint coins

Talk to Stachenscarfen (aka Stachen)

Serve Tea 01 Belle Classic to Stachenscarfen (US)
Serve Tea 01 Citrus Classic to Stachenscarfen (UK)

If you've served 25 teas and think Stachenscarfen's tea break
is the one that you've missed, see the FAQ

Continue walking down then back up until Derby is thirsty
(must have served tea to Stachenscarfen)

Talk to Derby
(Derby must be thirsty)

Serve Tea 01 Belle Classic to Derby (US)
Serve Tea 01 Citrus Classic to Derby (UK)

Talk to Derby again
(Derby must not be thirsty)

089 Flower Bed Fun

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3


The area of the red section is 400 square feet

Peppercherry Tea Ingredient


1550 Picarats and 97 Hint Coins

062 Smell the Roses Again

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS
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