087 Different Suits

Just for Fun
Give Hammy the Hamster at least a 64 Step Workout
(Some 64 step hamster workouts can be seen here)

Walk down to leave the store

Walk up into the watchtower on the left

Climb the staircase

Continue climbing down and back up until Geoff is thirsty

Talk to Geoff
(Geoff must be thirsty)

Serve Tea 08 Clover Quencher to Geoff

Walk down the staircase

Walk down to leave the watchtower

Walk left

Walk up through the broken gate
(must have visited the Herzen Museum)

Check out the rock at the bottom left of the path,
the second from left clump of grass on the path and
the lamp at the back for hint coins

Continue walking down then back up until Ray needs a drink

Talk to Ray
(Ray must be thirsty)

Serve Tea 10 Cayenne Twilight to Ray

Layton's Challenges
The Tea Master's House is now unlocked
(must have served tea to 26 thirsty people)

Talk to Ray again
(Ray must not be thirsty)

087 Different Suits

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3


Arrange the remaining cards as shown


3280 Picarats and 169 Hint Coins

099 Jars and Cans 2

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS
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