115 Tricky Digits

Give Hammy the Hamster a 30 Step Workout
(this is just one of many possible solutions)

Layton's Challenges
The Animal Lover's House is now unlocked
(must have given Hammy the Hamster at least a 30 Step Workout)

Leave the shop through the door on the right

Walk down

Talk to Opal
(must have tried to open the museum gate)
(Opal must not be thirsty)

Enter the hotel on the right

Continue running up and down the stairs until Krantz is thirsty
(must have tried to open the museum gate)

Talk to Krantz
(Krantz must be thirsty)

Serve Tea 05 Cherry Boost to Krantz

Talk to Krantz again
(must have tried to open the museum gate)
(must not have talked to Beluga or Sammy in front of the fountain)
(Krantz must not be thirsty)

115 Tricky Digits

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3


The numbers give you total A


1805 Picarats and 118 Hint Coins

063 Numbered Cards

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS
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